This project uses spatial computing to explore opportunities for visualizing complex temporal data sets in an immersive environment.

In a two-week collaborative sprint, Glowbox built a dynamic tool that allows the client to investigate ways to map time-based network data in three-dimensional space, easily update and add to the data and export the results to two-dimensional media (as video and print-quality images) for sharing and presenting.

In the spirit of enabling ongoing iteration and discovery beyond our two-week engagement, we used a Google Sheet as a database. This keeps the content management lightweight and easy to update and gives the client flexibility to add records as needed.

The custom high-resolution image export functionality allows the client to present her research findings in two-dimensional mediums (such as presentations and print).

The network graph is perhaps the primary visualization of our time, but has limited utility as a tool of discovery. We’ve needed this extra dimension for a long time.
— Lisa Strausfeld

The prototype is part of an ongoing research initiative at The New School titled The New Historia, which aims to “document and promote the achievements of women in history that have gone unnoticed or unrecognized by our larger society.”

Project Team
Lisa Strausfeld for The New School
The New Historia: Gina Luria Walker, Jamer Hunt
Informationart: Lisa Strausfeld, Takaaki Okada
Glowbox: Ben Purdy, Thomas Wester, Jeremy Rotsztain, Kate Wolf


Technical Direction
Rapid Prototyping
Software Development

Tools & Technologies
Google Sheets

Media Coverage
Fast Company