In late 2014, the Google Creative Lab pulled us in to help create custom tooling for the Androidify project, an astonishingly multi-platform campaign featuring customizable animated Android characters.

Glowbox created custom software to export animation data from After Effects into a variety of formats for use in the Androidify app, the web, and even on the football field sized LED screen in Times Square. The utility we created allowed the motion graphics artists to work in their tool of choice, while giving developers easy access to mountains of stunning animation content.

Client: Google Creative Lab

Contributions: Tooling

Technologies: After Effects ExtendScript, JavaScript

All the rich animations we were able to add to the site wouldn’t be possible without this incredible tool you’ve built.
— George Michael Bower, Google Creative Lab

After animation data is exported from After Effects, it can be be dynamically applied to any user-customized Android character, breathing life into all 1,490,248,844,407,008,000 potential visual combinations.


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
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