Generative Art Cards

As an experiment connecting physical artifacts to unique digital experiences, some Glowbox business cards include a four-digit code printed on the back. The code, and card, serve as a key to unlock a piece of generative artwork. The card itself holds only one frame from the digital landscape, and is therefore only a glimpse of the full experience.

Got a card?

Generation of the scene is driven many carefully adjusted random factors, but the underlying rules which dictate the macro scale structure are driven by data extracted from an audio clip (the card holder speaking the phrase "Nice to meet you"). The audio clip is split into 12 different "channels" of data (based on the frequency spectrum).

For each fragment in the piece, these control channels are used to drive various parameters such as scale, rotation, color, etc. The resulting three dimensional form is by no means identical to the waveform, but the large scale features are clearly recognizable.

The initial conditions and controlled randomness are driven by seeded randomization which keys off of the code on each card. While the variations are infinite, if you know the exact sequence of letters and numbers you can recreate any of the generative forms used to print the physical cards.

If the code on each physical card is lost or destroyed, recreating the same 3D scene would be virtually impossible. This imbues each physical artifact with a special value, as the card is the only link to the virtual form.