Dance with flARmigos is a mixed reality experience that lets humans dance with virtual flamingos. Built in collaboration with artist Kristin Lucas, the project explores the human relationship with flamingos and promotes deeper discussion and interspecies understanding through embodiment.

This project blends digital and physical worlds to create a meaningful shared interactive experience centered around education, conservation and awareness of our ecological interdependence.

Glowbox served as a creative and strategic technical partner, working closely with Kristin to figure out how best to realize her vision of a shared augmented experience. Kristin’s vision was to populate a physical space with virtual flamingos and encourage visitors to join the flock.

Working closely with Kristin, Glowbox created a system to synchronize the augmented worlds between multiple Microsoft Hololens and iPads. This provided a cohesive shared environment populated with virtual flamingos where human participants could all take part in the same experience.

Dance with flARmingos pays homage to the flamingo and aspires to transform human-flamingo relationships through a synthesis of magical realism, tech innovation, and conservation science.
— Kristin Lucas

Kristin originally connected with Thomas through his coordination of an artist residency at Oregon Story Board. The residency exposed her to head mounted augmented reality (HoloLens) and affordable motion capture tools. She has incorporated these technologies into an evolution of her ongoing research into the dynamic relationship between humans and flamingos.

flARmingos’ premier at The Theater at Ace Hotel

The project won an Engadget Alternate Realities grant and premiered at the first ever first-ever Engadget Experience at The Theater at Ace Hotel on November 14, 2107. It was also covered by OPB's State of Wonder in a piece titled “Oregon Virtual Reality Incubator Takes Artists Into New Worlds.” 

To make the experience available to a wider audience, Glowbox partnered with Kristin to build out the experience as a standalone AR app, available through iTunes and Google Play.

Kristin Lucas

Technical Direction
Experience Strategy
Systems Design
Software Development
Physical Installation

Tools & Technologies
Augmented Reality
Networked Experiences