Glowbox is collaborating with 45th Parallel Universe and artist Brad Johnson to create a “virtual venue” for Les Boreades, a live performance of classical French music in PICA’s warehouse space on January 17, 2020.

The live performance will be volumetrically captured and turned into a VR experience.

In its first manifestation as a visual accompaniment to a live classical music performance, the concept of a “virtual venue” offers an opportunity to explore how immersive technology can affect the audience experience and to re-energize audiences by augmenting the physical context in which classical music is performed.

Les Boreades represents an opportunity to engage newer audiences who are eager to have a different conversation about classical music.
— Ron Blessinger

The system includes generative visuals, projected onto scrims on either side of the musicians, transforming the space through immersive media without a cumbersome headset.

Visual content is provided by artist, Brad Johnson, whose photogrammetric captures of natural scenes from the Pacific Northwest are rendered in real-time with new cinematography tools developed by Glowbox. The collaboration results in ephemeral point cloud projections that offer a sense of travel through the spatial capture.

Volumetric audio and visual capture of Les Boreades will be used to create a VR application intended to challenge how we can experience, document and share live classical music.

The VR artifact of the live performance will enable 45th Parallel Universe’s art to reach new and diverse audiences.


45th Parallel Universe
Ron Blessinger, Executive Director
James Shields, Program Development
Gregory Ewer, Program Development

Thomas Wester, Technical Director
Ben Purdy, Technical Direction
Thomas Newlands, Technical Artist
Billy Haugen, Developer
Kate Wolf, Producer
Cat Ross, Production Coordinator

Brad Johnson, Artist

Technical Direction
Experience Strategy
Systems Design
Software Development
Physical Installation

Tools & Technologies
VFX graph
Azure Kinect
Virtual Reality
Real-time rendered point clouds
Virtual Cinematography