Experience FLARMINGOS on your mobile device, September 2017

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  • Technical Direction
  • Experience Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Software Development
Glowbox partnered with Kristin Lucas to build a standalone AR app to explore our relationship with flamingos based on her mixed reality installation, Dance with flARmingos— available through iTunes and Google Play. Aiming to reach a wider audience, the app promotes a deeper discussion about wildlife conservation by inviting these rare creatures into unimaginable spaces, unique to each user.
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FLARMINGOS taking Instagram by storm
Unlike most AR apps, FLARMINGOS App allows multiple users to enjoy a shared reality— using separate devices, or on your own, tap on your screen to populate your surroundings with geometric AR flamingos as they perform courtship displays (animated by motion capture technology), encouraging an otherwise impossible engagement with the species. As human population increases and wetlands are developed, flamingos suffer from disturbances to their habitats, resulting in difficulty with breeding. The app aims to highlight the dynamic relationship between humans and flamingos and the importance of protecting their survival. FLARMINGOS App features original flamingo-inspired music and a button that takes you to Tour du Valat's flamingo adoption webpage where you can sponsor your very own wild flamingo!
Glowbox provided the technical direction and experience strategy to mobilize Kristin’s vision, bringing this social experience to the public at no cost.
This project blends digital and physical worlds to create a meaningful interactive experience centered around education, conservation, and awareness of our ecological interdependence.
FLARMINGOS on display at Cinekid in 2018
FLARMINGOS on display at Cinekid in 2018
FLARMINGOS in the home
FLARMINGOS in the home
FLARMINGOS seen in the iOS app
FLARMINGOS seen in the iOS app


  • Kristin Lucas
  • Tommy Martinez
  • Adriano Clemente
  • Ziv Schneider
  • Ben Purdy
  • Thomas Wester

Tools & Technologies

  • Unity
  • Augmented Reality
  • Networked Experiences
  • ARKit
  • ARCore
  • C#