MOVE Studio

Mixed Reality Headset Experience, August 2017

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  • Experience Strategy
  • Technical Direction

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Commissioned by Microsoft, MOVE Studio is a virtual experience created exclusively for the official launch of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. As a collaboration between Melissa Painter (Founder / Creative Director at MAP Design Lab) and Glowbox, our goal was to reach audiences that are new to VR in an immersive experience that engages the body as a tool for expression, proving that the headsets aren’t just for sitting.
a dancer - screenshot from VR experience
two dancers - screenshot from VR experience
MOVE Studio invites you into a space where movement dictates your surroundings— allowing the user to control the appearance, sound, and visual effects of an abstract world of color and choreography. By using the headset and motion controllers, players can paint their own world in an environment shared with vibrant avatars characterized by motion captured basketball players and dancers (Helios Dance Theater), each with their own unique choreography. The experience features two modes (“Play” and “Create”) wherein the user is encouraged to move their body to transform the look and sound of their surroundings in a collaborative ‘dance’ with the colorful beings. In “Create,” the player becomes the designer of this world. With multiple environments to choose from, each with distinct palettes and gravitational characteristics, the player can drop in a variety of avatars with the ability to customize their color, scale, and placement— moving with them in a tiny universe that’s completely their own.
Glowbox worked with Melissa to determine the concept for MOVE Studio— combining her design and motion capture expertise with our experience strategy + design, technical execution, and team management, merging our strengths to create a successful immersive environment for anyone to enjoy.
MOVE Studio is available for download via the Microsoft App Store.
three dancers flying - screenshot from VR experience
basketball players - screenshot from VR experience
behind the scenes - testing the VR controllers
behind the scenes - code excerpts on screens


  • Melissa Painter
  • Yuehao Jiang
  • Mia Johnson
  • Kate Wolf
  • Quin Kennedy
  • Seanna Musgrave
  • Yori Kvitchko
  • Dimitri Reuse
  • Zach Krausnick

Tools & Technologies

  • Unity
  • Windows Mixed Reality